Meetings are due for an upgrade.

We started Workfit to help people become more efficient, effective, and creative at work. For too long meetings have remained an uncertain event on our calendars. Each aspect of our workday has been optimized with the latest tools and technologies to make sure we’re operating at peak efficiency, but when it comes to meetings the outcomes are inconsistent, the details get lost in translation and taking clear action items remain elusive. We designed our first product Eva, to change that. Voice collaboration is ready for an upgrade and we’re the team to do it.

Who We Are
Omar Tawakol
Chief Executive Officer

Omar Tawakol is the Chief Executive Officer of Workfit. Prior to Workfit, Omar Tawakol was the founder and CEO of BlueKai which built the worlds largest consumer data marketplace and DMP. After Oracle acquired BlueKai in 2014, Omar served as the SVP & GM of the Oracle Data Cloud (ODC). The ODC powered 97 of the top 100 marketers as well as an ecosystem of AI applications. Based on this experience Omar decided to launch his next venture focused on AI that leverages data to help people become more productive. Omar earned an MS in CS from Stanford (BS, MIT) where he researched and published work on AI agents.

Ahmad Abdulkader
Chief Technical Officer

Ahmad Abdulkader is CTO of Workfit. Abdulkader is a well renowned industry expert in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. Before co-founding Workfit, Abdulkader served as a lead architect for Facebook’s applied AI efforts, which produced wide-reaching platforms like DeepText, a text-understanding engine with near-human accuracy in over 20 languages Prior to that, he worked at Google, building OCR engines, Machine Learning systems, and computer vision systems.
Prior to Google, Abdulkader led a number of core teams at Microsoft Ad-Center & Bing. He also built the state of the art 'Handwriting Recognition Technology' which currently powers Microsoft's touch devices including 'Surface' and 'Windows phone'.

David Wiener
Chief Product Officer

David Wiener runs Product at Workfit. Before co-founding Workfit, he was a Vice President at Oracle, where he oversaw Product, globally for the Oracle Data Cloud. During his tenure at Oracle he was responsible for pulling together the acquisitions of BlueKai, Datalogix, AddThis, and Crosswise. He ran 75+ person global team (US, UK, Israel), directing the work of 500+ engineers and data-scientists. Prior to Oracle, he oversaw Product at BlueKai (acquired by Oracle). Wiener makes sure that business is in check, that products ship, and that engineering keeps their house in order. Sometimes he makes a joke or two. He also gets pretty crafty when he needs a hotfix pushed out, and from time to time has a good idea.

Shadi Baqleh
Chief Revenue Officer

Shadi Baqleh is Chief Revenue Officer of Workfit.Prior to Workfit, Shadi was SVP of Sales for BlueJeans Network. Starting pre-revenue, Shadi grew Bluejeans from its first customer to well over 5,000 Enterprise customers. Before that Shadi was one of the original sales team members at WebEx starting in early 2000. During that time WebEx grew from $2M in revenue to over $500M and acquisition by Cisco. Shadi ran Enterprise UC Sales teams for 3 years while at Cisco. Shadi has a deep passion for helping his customers succeed and considers himself fortunate to be a part of their journeys.As a sales leader, Shadi is committed to driving results by building a high performing team with a winning culture. He takes great pride in being a coach, a mentor, a sponsor and measures success by the professional growth of his sales team. He earned his BS from UC Berkeley and his MBA from Santa Clara University.

Mohamed El-Geish
Sr. Director of Engineering

Mohamed is passionate about empowering people around the world to communicate securely and effectively using online services that provide great experiences. Before joining Workfit, Mohamed was an engineering manager at LinkedIn working on feed personalization and relevance, home for the fastest growing monetized products at LinkedIn, in addition to building a human-in-the-loop platform, and incubating venture bets by leading “moonshot” projects. Earlier at Microsoft, Mohamed led a team of engineers working on email delivery for; before that, he worked on a PaaS system that powered up online services with 400M+ users; and earlier, he worked on Visual Studio. Mohamed finds "ikigai" in machine learning, ultra-scale systems, debugging, and software craftsmanship.

Ron Toledo
Head of Marketing

Ron Toledo is Head of Marketing for Workfit. Ron enjoys helping early stage startups find their unique path to growth. An accomplished and versatile marketing executive, Ron has spent 15+ years working with early to late stage venture companies in Silicon Valley. Before joining Workfit, he was an early employee of Evernote and one of the founding members of the marketing team. While there he oversaw growth from several thousand users to several hundred million users worldwide. Ron also served as Head of Marketing for Y Combinator alumni SendHub, overseeing the entire marketing function and guiding them through their acquisition. Most recently he founded Crossway Marketing, a consulting firm that helps early stage startups understand how to leverage marketing to reach their business objectives. He also serves as a coach and mentor for the Alchemist Accelerator incubator program.

Work with Us

Workfit is led by veterans with prior experience building large successful technology businesses from Facebook, Oracle, LinkedIn, and BlueJeans. We are privileged to have the backing of world-class investors like Battery, Greycroft and Salesforce Ventures. Everyone on the team is focused on improving the productivity of workplace voice interactions and using augmented intelligence.

Current Openings

Senior Principal Engineer

Front-End Engineer

ASR/AI/Machine Learning Scientist

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