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Work Smarter Series #7 – Interview with Dave Morgan, CEO and founder of Simulmedia

Dave Morgan is the CEO and founder of Simulmedia. He also founded TACODA, Inc., an online advertising company that pioneered behavioral online marketing and was acquired by AOL in 2007 for $275 million, as well as Real Media, Inc., a predecessor to 24/7 Real Media (TFSM), which was later acquired … Continue Reading

Productivity, Innovation, and AI: an Interview with Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang is a technology forefather. Co-founded Yahoo! in 1995, Yang also sits on the boards for Workday, Alibaba, and Lenovo. He started AME Cloud Ventures with the belief that data, cloud, and hardware advances will create unprecedented opportunities for great companies to be built. I had the opportunity to … Continue Reading

Work Smarter Series #6 – Interview with Thomas Kurian, President of Product Development at Oracle

I had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Kurian (President of Oracle product development), at his office in Redwood Shores. I knew Thomas well from when I ran the Oracle Data Cloud under his and Steve Miranda’s organization after Oracle acquired BlueKai. I learned a ton about productivity working for Thomas … Continue Reading

Introducing the AI Exoskeleton

Our CEO and Co-Founder Omar Tawakol came up with the concept of an AI exoskeleton as a way to both visually describe the current landscape, and serve as a framework for where the industry is headed in the future.

At its core, we believe AI, when applied to the knowledge … Continue Reading

AI (Augmented Intelligence) Trends Contributed Article from VentureBeat

Our CEO Omar Omar Tawakol shared his thoughts on the trends around AI (Augmented Intelligence) in a contributed article for VentureBeat. In the piece, he touches on a wide range of topics ranging from AI exoskeletons, Hippocratic oaths for AI, the history of technological disruptions and more.

One topic that’s … Continue Reading

Work Smarter Series #5 – Interview with Clara Shih Founder and CEO of Hearsay

Clara Shih is a pioneer in the social media industry and the founder and CEO of Hearsay the leading advisor-client engagement solution for the financial services industry. Clara has been named one of Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs,” Fast Company’s “Most Influential People in Technology,” Businessweek’s “Top Young Entrepreneurs,” and … Continue Reading

Three Simple Strategies to Fix Team Meetings

Team meetings a drag? Here are three easy to follow ways to make them better.

I’ve spent the last few years exploring productivity across many leading companies. While out talking with various people, a surprising theme became clear: most people don’t have a vision of how to run a good … Continue Reading

Work Smarter Series #4 – Interview with Jeff Green Founder and CEO of The Trade Desk

Jeff Green is founder and CEO of The Trade Desk, Inc., a demand-side platform that powers the media campaigns of the world’s most advanced buyers in digital advertising. In 2015, Ernst & Young named Jeff and co-founder Dave Pickles Entrepreneurs of the Year in the Greater Los Angeles region and … Continue Reading

Workfit Featured in the Wall Street Journal

We’re very excited to be featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article that takes a deep dive into voice-activated AI moving from the home to the office. Our vision for Eva is to bring the capabilities people currently love about augmented intelligence (AI) and the voice activated devices they … Continue Reading

Work Smarter Series #3 – Interview Auren Hoffman, CEO of SafeGraph and former founder and CEO of LiveRamp

Auren Hoffman is an entrepreneur, angel investor, author, and current CEO of SafeGraph, which graphs datasets together to solve humanity’s biggest secrets. Previously he was founder and CEO of LiveRamp an identity resolution provider offering data onboarding. I had the chance to sit down with Auren and learn more about … Continue Reading

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